D-day… I’m meant to be packing!


You know when you know you have to be up early to crack on first thing, drive somewhere, go on holiday, or do something significant; do you sleep well? Never. Instead you wake up and look at the clock, repeatedly, thinking it’s at least an hour since you last looked, but find it’s only been 20 minutes or so. And by the time you should be getting up, you’re so shattered, all you want to do is sleep a bit more? *snooze*

Peace before the mayhem

Ok I’ve dragged myself up – I’ve been excited about this for ages, but now that buzz has been replaced by a tired head, and frustration that I can’t just crawl onto the couch with a bowl of porridge and James Martin. C’mon B, sort it out, girl!

I had in fact planned this (obviously, this is me) so knew I’d treat myself to breakfast out this morning. I figured, I’ll spend all morning packing the car, unpacking the car (when that last box won’t go in), taking stuff out of said last box, distributing it between other boxes, repacking car, finding newly-sized boxes no longer fit in positions they were before… And when I (finally) get to the other end, I’ll spend all afternoon lifting boxes up 8 flights of stairs, so will be exhausted by the time I’m done! Hence, 5 minutes of peace and calm is allowed before the mayhem begins (scheduled mayhem that is, this is me).

However, perhaps Costa wasn’t the best place for ‘peace’ or ‘calm’…?

… no, just mayhem

I’m sitting by the window. There are the typical couple of ladies out for a flat white before shopping, a pair of chaps who probably drove their wives into town to shop and are now keeping out of the way for an hour or so, a father and son debating whether son wants white milk or chocolate milk in his cappuccino (son can’t be more than 5), and another chap trying to decide if he wants chocolate sprinkles (must be at least 60. Years, not sprinkles). This is typical of most Costas I’d say; until a birthday party enters.

I kid you not. It’s 9.30am. No they haven’t been out all night either. Must be about 10 of them, and they’re now trying to rearrange the furniture to accommodate their group. This project is led by Gok – a real luvvie, who appears to know precisely what should happen, just as other people are doing it, but still gives “why not try…yes, perfect” type comments, as the rest of the group pull tables together.

This Krypton Factor challenge causes much entertainment to the shopping chauffeurs, who are transfixed, staring at Gok… not sure whether it’s him or the Krypton Factor that intrigues them (they’re getting on a bit, and this is Yorkshire) but their conversation has stopped…

I can’t wait to people watch in London… dammit I’m meant to be packing, it’s 10am already, bugger!

Ttfn Bxx

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