Blessed are the cheesemakers

A week on Friday, a few work friends are coming out for drinks at Charing Cross after my last day at Xerox. So challenge for today is to find / recce a few pubs to find a venue. But before I drink, I must eat, right? So I grab a Pret and cop a squat on the steps outside the National Gallery.

In the name of JESUS

A great place to people watch… Opposite me is a girl reading a book. Why not find a bench? Somewhere quiet? Or at least in the sun? No, god knows what she’s reading but I hope it’s good!

There’s a crowd gathered watching a street entertainer; can’t see what he’s up to but the periodic roars of laughter suggest he’s good, either that or they’re laughing at Brian…

Wandering round pulling a wheelie case, holding a big red microphone, Brian is blessing people, places, things, anything, everything… “in the name of JESUS” where the stress he puts on the first syllable of the word sounds more like James Earl Jones than Eric Idle. I’m just waiting for him to bless the Cheesemakers, I’ll be happy then, they have a hell of a time…

I finish my Tuna Nicoise, take in the view, then decide its time to recce. So I head for Charing Cross station and look for Gordon’s Wine Bar (recommended by a highly reputable London-based Events company called Plain Jane). I’m told it’s cheese & wine but no beer, which may rule it out for next Friday, but I may need to know of it for future reference right?

Gordon’s looks fab but I’m more intrigued by what I spot outside… the Victoria Embankment Gardens – hidden gem or what? This place is fab! Riverside location, stripey deck chairs to take the weight off, and plenty of space for me to throw down my scarf and cop a squat on the grass 🙂

Freda, Barry and Bon Jovi

Before long, Freda and Barry rock up; a middle-aged couple whose lack of shopping bags tells me they’re just out strollin’. As they sit down on the bench in front of me, Barry does the classic ‘arms in the air’ yawn, returning his right arm behind Freda – smooth Barry, smooth…

Luckily for Barry, we have cabaret… On the next bench is Jon, perhaps a little worse for wear, but happy as a clam belting out Bon Jovi’s “Always” (at least i think that’s what it was; not quite in tune, lyrics weren’t far off, but everyone is smiling so who cares!)

Before I know it, I’ve been here an hour, still not tried any pubs, but having a chilled out afternoon. Next time the sun goes behind a cloud, I’ll head over and sample a cava at Gordon’s…

Ttfn Bxx








2 thoughts on “Blessed are the cheesemakers

  1. Robyne says:

    Great read…… Gave up 4th in the ‘Game of Thrones’ series to read your blog….. Keep it coming…..

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks Robyne, glad it’s still entertaining! London’s a great place to people watch, like most big cities I guess? Probably why I blog more when I travel. More to come…!

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