About me (Rebecca who?…)

Some call me Wallin, some call me Smith, but as the title suggests; Rebecca, Bokarella, Boxy, Bok… this is me:

A 30-something wannabe writer, with no reason to write other than the fact that I just enjoy it. Oh, and one or two people said they liked reading it. And I always seem to have something to say; I talk a lot. And I’m lucky enough to be doing quite a few exciting things these days, which gives me plenty to write about. Not that I need an excuse; regardless of the above, I generally find something to talk about. I’m waffling already, aren’t I?

OK I’ll try and summarise (this could be good!)… this is who I am:

  • I’m somewhere between 30 and 40 (won’t specify, otherwise I’ll have to keep updating this page every year).
  • I live in York (for now, but I quite fancy London or Australia?).
  • I’m single (although I live in hope that Lewis Hamilton will, one day, realise he’s chasing the wrong dream with Ms Schertzinger).
  • I have two amazing parents, who are as mental as me.
  • I had an equally crazy brother who, unfortunately, is no longer with us (but is still the only one to ever hear me admit I’m not always right).
  • I have a godson who has me wrapped around his little finger, and a surrogate godson who, despite now being taller than me, I still call ‘small person’.
  • I’m a creative type – I love sport (especially F1, hockey and rugby), I love music (an eclectic taste, I’m told!) and I love to travel.
  • I’m an optimist – the glass isn’t half full, it’s not big enough.
  • I tweet to those who follow, I skype my friends, I lurk on facebook and hangout on G+.
  • I love life, and in light of the great one I’m lucky enough to have, I refuse to take a day of it for granted.

So this is my blog. It’s really just an excuse for me to do what I do/enjoy best, and talk/write about what I do, see, think and feel. If you don’t like it, you won’t read it; but if I enjoy writing it, I’m a happy bunny – and being happy is what it’s all about, right?

2 thoughts on “About me (Rebecca who?…)

  1. Ben seed says:

    Hello there. I very much like your blog. You seem to have developed your “voice” rather well. Any tips for someone (me) who wants to start a blog?

    P.s. I’m not mental

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi Ben
    Goodness, I don’t know really; all I can share is what I’ve done, whether that’ll work for you I don’t know, but feel free to try it!
    I write what I honestly think (this helps keep it real and believable) and I try to articulate it as if I was talking to someone. Whilst this sometimes means my grammar goes awry, today’s audience is more likely to understand what I’m saying, and that’s the ultimate aim. (My school English teacher could be turning in her grave but if it makes the blog readable and enjoyable, it’s doing the right job!)
    The only other advice I’d share, is to understand what you don’t like, as much as what you do. That way you’ll know what to avoid. I’ve read blogs which post too often, too long, or too politically for my liking. So I try to avoid that. You’ll never please everyone, but as long as you get some fun out of writing it and make it interesting for other people to read, you can’t go far wrong.
    Good luck and share your first post with us!

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