A bank in Bank? How confusing

Don’t you just love those calls you get from the bank, to tell you that whilst they believe that some of their data has been ‘compromised’ and that your details are included, they are being extra helpful by stopping your card just in case and issuing you with a new one?

Am I just unlucky or do other people get those calls too?

Then they check your recent ‘suspect’ transactions, all of which are legitimate, but they’ve already stopped your card anyway, so you’ll need to update any transactions that use your old card details and wait for your new card to arrive, in the next 7-10 working days.

Great, thanks for that!

10 days later, no card. I call HSBC. They decide the safest thing to do is to stop the new card, and issue a new new card. And this time I should collect it from my local branch. That’s in Putney, yes? Yes, but I don’t want to collect it from there, as I’m in the city during the day. Can I collect it from a branch in the city please? Yes madam. Which branch? The one at Bank. We have lots of banks madam, which one do you want to collect it from? The one at Bank – Bank is a place in London, where you have a branch. I’ll look on my system madam. I can see your postcode is SW15… No that’s my home postcode, but I’ll be at work, so I need a branch near work, hence why I want one in the city. What’s the postcode of the one in the city madam? I don’t know, it’s your branch! Can’t you find it on your system? I’ll have a look for you madam, where is it? It’s at Bank…

I tell you what, I’ll Google it…



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