Tubes, trains and sweet chariots

So just one day after a bit of a trek in one European capital, I’m doing it all over again, this time in the UK.

At 5.45 this morning I was woken by Michael Hutchence’ dulcet tones of All Around. I can’t remember the last time I was so deeply asleep when my alarm went off – I must’ve been fast asleep as I woke quite abruptly, rather than the usual groan, snooze, dose routine… Nothing quite beats a night in your own bed when you’ve been away, right?

So I’m up, showered, packed and off by 6:22 and England’s roads are empty – 2hrs 29mins later I pull up in North London! Bruno must’ve been on autopilot coming down the M1 into Finchley, there’s even a space waiting for him at his ‘other’ home 🙂


Knowing my best mate was out checking the consistency of cocktails in Bank last night, I creep in as quietly as possible, carefully position a bunch of April showers in the kitchen, and on my way out I manage to knock the key pot off the side… If that hadn’t woken her my subsequent language (as colourful as her flowers) must’ve done! I pause for a sec, no sound, clearly a good night last night as there’s apparently no waking her! Cool. Right, tube…

Where’s Bond?

Having watched Skyfall on the plane to/from Barcelona, I now find myself in a number of places where the film was set… Luckily this excludes Scotland (not a place I’m keen on) but as I head down the escalator on the underground, I find myself turning round just to check that Danuel Craig isn’t flying down the metalwork on his backside, in hot pursuit of Mr Silva… Nope, this morning the only thing doing this manoeuvre is a copy if the Metro. Ah well, maybe he’s on the tube…

Heading for Waterloo, I board the tube and as I look down the carriage I see Daniel is not actually staring back at me from behind the connecting door of the next carriage. Bugger.

At Waterloo, I grab a quick Costa and hop onto an overground train. I haven’t been on a local train in this country for ages – this could be a novelty! The South West train route follows the south bank, past MI6… now Daniel’s got to be here somewhere…? No joy. Ah well bugger that. I’ll just stay on the train and see where it takes me… Next stop: Twickenham? Ah ok then!

Swing low xx

One thought on “Tubes, trains and sweet chariots

  1. Andrea says:

    We’ll be watching from the sofa! I will be supporting my quarter Welsh side first and my three-quarters English side later!! Enjoy! X

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