What did I do today? Well…

Today was one of those cool yet a bit surreal days. Waking up at 04:50 as a message came in from Tom in America, I pounced on this and replied whilst he was still online (for Tom this is a rarity atm; he and girlfriend Amy are in the Desert somewhere in Arizona so chat is occasional).

Tom tells me he’s not texting as it’s expensive, but is grabbing WiFi opportunities when they arise, like now. Given he’s on WiFi, I’m somewhat bemused why he’s using ltd txt spk? He’s on Facebook chat?! It’s not more expensive to write in full?! Ah well, it’s stupidly early, so I just go with it. We talk about America, he shows little surprise but some envy that I’m off to Valencia, and signs off by saying “Cheer Bruno on for me!” #sennafan

I then drift back to sleep for my alarm to wake me at 6am to go to the airport. You guessed it. I wake up leisurely and have that second of calm, where you feel pleased to have woken naturally, rather by an alarm. Then that second of confusion sets in, where you’re sure you should’ve been woken up early for something important today. Then all hell lets loose (that’s loose, not lose 😉 !) Oh crap, the alarm didn’t go off, it’s 06.20 and mum’s picking me up in 10 to take me to the airport! Luckily, as she and dad are known for their lateness, I asked her to get to mine for 06.30 knowing we didn’t really need to leave before 7am. So I dive in the shower… and the doorbell goes. Oh pants, she’s on time for once! I buzz her in, she helps herself to breakfast, I get ready and we’re away before 7 – cool bananas.

I won’t go into detail of the flight – see Yorkshire Airlines – but on landing in Spain, I’m met by my Godmother, Suzy Q, who gives me the biggest hug in the world and takes me up to Denia for lunch – bar Helios, bliss! A tiny tapas bar on the rocks at Denia, watching the ferries sailing into the harbour from Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza. The sun is baking, there’s a lovely breeze and the sound of the sea rippling on the rocks is just calming. A beer and calamari later, I’m in seventh heaven.

After lunch we head up to Casa de Suzy; my Spanish retreat! This place is my little haven, my escape from the UK where I’m guaranteed a cuddle, a hot tub and a glass of something cold, all surrounded by orange groves and the addition (since my last visit) of more beautiful white flowers outside my bedroom balcony. By now it’s after 5, it’s clouded over a little and is a little cooler, so factor 15 will suffice. I change into my bikini, leave my phone inside, grab a sun lounger and fall asleep by the pool…

Around 7, I think it’s about time I was sociable so I head indoors. After the world’s best shower, I wander through to the kitchen, grab a sarnie and Suzy and I head up to Valencia.

So this is where I am now; sitting in a little cafe bar on a side street, sipping cerveza pondering just how many different things, scenarios, places and people I’ve interacted with today… Mum in York, Tom in Arizona, the Stags & Hens of Leeds Bradford / Alicante / Benidorm, Suzy in Denia, and now here I am, waiting to meet Mr P for a beer in Valencia.

Someone recently told me I’m getting around a lot lately – my response was that in 2012 I’m grabbing every opportunity life throws at me. Sometimes you have to create these opportunities, as they won’t just land in your lap, but I’m doing that wholeheartedly and, right now, it’s making for a fun-filled, varied, exciting and happy life!

In the words of @whc4s #liveyourbestlife

ttfn /Rxx

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