Here I go again (on my own)

After my first attempt at blogging, I got some pretty remarkable feedback *insert embarrassed smiley, somehow*. So, when I asked the question: “should I continue writing or should I shut up now?!” 80% of those who answered said “yes”. Fools! You’ve only got yourselves to blame – I’m going to carry on!

At this point, I better just clarify – I’m not planning any amazing trips to South East Asia (at the moment), nor do I have any plans to dive with Nemo, jump out of a plane, or drive down one of the most spectacular coastal roads on the planet. Therefore subject matter may be slightly less stimulating than last time!

Actually, hang on; I am going to another Grand Prix in 10 days’ time (whoop whoop!) and am off to Barcelona (a city I’ve never visited before). So I’ll undoubtedly be posting about that. And the run up to it. And the nightmare that is packing. And the quality of the in-flight entertainment… OK so life is never dull, you just have to look for the good stuff I guess? And if you can’t see it, create it!

So, who knows what I’ll end up blogging about! But I do like to talk, I generally have an opinion on most things, and with my iPhone or Vesper to hand, I’ll gladly write about it! As before; I’ll try not to waffle, I’ll try to keep it interesting, but above all, I’ll say what I think, will share what I can, and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

ttfn /R

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