Day in the park

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Today is a rarity for my life these days. Until 15:49, I have nothing to do. I’m in one of my favourite places, but I’m not working, traveling, meeting someone or shopping (or taking things back – I do that a lot, too!)

So I asked Faceache what I should do today and between them, my friends came up with some good options. So I unlocked one of Boris’s bikes (cheers Fran) at Waterloo, crossed the river, cycled along the embankment, round Westminster, up to Leicester Square, Regent St, up through Marylebone (loving that area) and Regents Park (thanks Benders) to the Grand Union Canal (good call Sean). I know London has plenty of parks and open spaces, but I’ve never been here before and it’s lovely.

People watching

So I’m lying in Regents Park, listening to my favourite chillaxing time out album (Maverick Sabre’s LATB), on my trusty blue scarf (which has doubled up as a beach towel / rug / sarong / turban in 6 countries this year), wearing the tattiest but comfiest flip flops (again, trusty International companions) with my ruffly tanbag (these days, looking as tatty as the flip flops, but I just love it).

The couple in front of me are apparently in transit. Either that or they have a strange taste in handbags? With black wheelie luggage, I’m assuming they’ve been booted out of their hotel and are chillaxing until their homeward plane / train / automobile.

There are two groups of ‘kids’ (how old do I sound?!) who are interestingly different; to the right, I’d say they’re about 20ish, the girls are dressed unusually for a day in the park and keep playing with their hair, whilst the guys are wearing tight t-shirts and laughing a lot. To the left, another group who I guess to be five-ten years older, dressed much more casually – capris & cardis for the girls, shirts with sleeves rolled up for the guys, and they’re picnicking.
Meanwhile, add another ten years and you get the couple off to the far right; bickering over how much he’s eating (even though she packed their lunch?!) whilst their little one it planning the great escape from the safety / boredom of the pushchair.

I could lie here for hours! But no, it’s now 15:35 – I’ve no idea how long it’ll take me to cycle to Kings Cross but I’d better find out!

ttfn /Rxx




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