And the honey is for…?

And the honey is for…?

So I’m having breakfast, intercontinental style, and the waitress asks if I’d like tea or coffee, Tea please. She returns two minutes later with a pot of tea, slice of lemon and a pot of honey? Explain?

Another city another Metro

So I’ve found my way down to the metro – the world’s oldest after London – and getting the right line / train is a doddle, the signage isn’t easy to read, being in Hungarian, but the colours and position of the signs makes it obvious enough. I buy my ticket (320ft single – how do they check that? CCTV looking for rings? Would it have been more if I was still with hubby?…) but 88p isn’t bad, so ticket purchased, punched in the validating machine, and down to the platform.

Again, all the signage is clear, in that i can’t read it! But the map works, so I just need to leave the train at Albatross (or something which sounds like that). The train pulls in, looking as old as the station – in a retro cool kinda way – and Olga comes on the tannoy… I have absolutely no idea what she says! Ok this could be fun, so much for listening out for Albatross! I return to the map and count the stops, 5, and hop on the train. We set off, and sail right through the first stop…? On arrival at the next stop, I don’t see any signage other than advertising. Ok, so does this count as stop one or two? Hmmmm. At the next (second stop / third station) three guys get on clad head to toe in Ferrari gear… Well if it works for Lewis it’ll work for me; so I stick in their slipstream to Albatross station, follow them straight to the F1 shuttle bus, and activate the DRS on the final approach to pass them as we join the queue – Whitmarsh would be proud 🙂

Right, it’s qually baby!
ttfn /Rxx


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