Anyone for Pimms?

Having had little sleep as other Wombles arrive throughout the morning, we venture out of our tent to the sound of tssssszzzz from next door. It’s 9.25am and the words ‘beverage o’clock’ are heard from the chaps next door – this is going to be a long day!

Hi-di hi!

I’d forgotten what a giggle camping is – for people watching there’s no better sport, and for amusement, it’s a laugh a minute!

During the early hours, the row we’re in has extended down the common and a new row has started opposite us. As we sit outside our mansion, a family of three arrive. Parents with son (about 16, wearing a baseball cap backwards, Kevin & Perry style) and proceed to erect three tents? We can’t decide why mum and dad have separate tents? It can’t be down to snoring, we’re under canvas! Even more strange, given that when it rains, they all huddle into the smallest tent? So what’s in the 4-man job at the end? Did they secretly stash in some entertainment? Or perhaps that’s mum’s bathroom? Who knows.

As their final tent goes up, they start on the guy ropes. They clearly weren’t guides or scouts. Guy ropes are designed to be flexed and tightened, that’s what the black gadgets are for? Instead Mrs Pa”isun and Kevin pull the gadgets right down so the guys are at full length… and proceed to tie them to the pegs (which are angled towards the tent?!) as the wind picks up and the ground softens later, this could prove entertaining!

Doing it the Aussie way

Beside Team Pa”isun are Gillette and Razor (their real names sound something like that but are totally forgettable). Sitting back to back, huddling to keep warm, they don’t say much. We assume they’re waiting for their mates ‘Soap & Glory’ to show up with their tent.

The hours pass. No suds arrive. Then as the steward wanders round, it comes to light that they’re here, this is it. Tent? Na, we’re just here for the tennis. No, have you got a tent? It’s going to rain and get cold, you’ll need shelter… Oh. We’re flying home tomorrow and figured we couldn’t take it back on the plane, so we didn’t bother with a tent. Deeeeeerrrrrrr!!

Mr Pa”isun ironically remarks that his clan has 3 2-man tents between three (!?!) and subsequently offers them a blanket! Sarah and I spot the skies turning grey and, as Gillette & Razor make no effort to seek out shelter, we clear space in our porch and invite them in. Just as the heavens open.

More later Wombles! /Rxx



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