Another fine performance thwarted

Firstly, happy 70th birthday Sir Frank Williams. Founder of the only independent team in the paddock and, arguably, the most well-known and respected name in Formula One. Today, for him, was a good day.

Unfortunately, for Lewis it was another demonstration of a superior drive, thwarted by a poor team decision.

Having qualified on pole, his qually times were declared void, after the team was considered to have broken the rules. Hamilton was told to stop the car one he’d finished his last lap, as he didn’t have enough fuel left to get back to the pit AND provide a 1litre sample for the FIA. So, if his sample would’ve been taken on the track, they wouldn’t accept it. Yet had the car run home, he wouldn’t have had a full litre left, hence he stopped to ensure he have the full (required) litre. had his mechanics retrieved the car, they’d have broken rules. Hence he stopped.

The FIA dismissed claims of this being an issue beyond McLaren’s control, saying they just didn’t put enough fuel in. So Lewis, after a great drive, starts from the Back, on a circuit known for the rarity of its overtaking opportunities 😦

However, having qualified 2nd, this means Williams F1’s Pastor Maldinardo steps up to pole, a birthday great for Sir Frank 🙂

Will update on the race later!

ttfn /Rxx

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