Work’s out (for the next 5 days, anyway)

So a day at ACS, a Xerox company, and I saw more than I expected and was impressed. Xerox acquired ACS a couple of years ago and have since been adjusting the organisation, so we benefit from what they do well and vice versa. This also means our team is one of their clients, so I got to meet the faces behind the ‘black hole’ (the generic email address to which we send work, which just comes out the other end all done). They were great and I think appreciative of someone else from the team coming to see them. I also had presentations from other parts of ACS, which provide other outsourcing services to various big clients – this was really good for me; I’m a visual person, so seeing them in situ and hearing what they do made it seem far more real and understandable than any PowerPoint slide ever could!

Anyway, as the anorak I am, although this trip is not work related or funded, it seemed a great opportunity to see ACS, and I’m glad I did.

However, that now done, I’m on HOLIDAAAAY! So, on getting back to the hotel, my priorities were as follows:
1) log onto webmail and activate my “out of office” reply – done.
2) shower & change – tick.
3) find a bar, preferably on the beach…
Cheers! /Rxx


One thought on “Work’s out (for the next 5 days, anyway)

  1. Tom Wallin says:

    All I’ll say is, was about 16 degrees today, so I don some shorts and head to town. As I was biking home from town in said shorts, in the pouring rain, and so cold that I’m now necking paracetemol to counteract the inevitable cold fast approaching, all I could think was my cousin soaking in the Catalan sun with a San Miguel. Roll on America!!

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